1. Results may only be submitted at the times specified on the schedule

2. You must use your own name and WCA ID (if you have one)

3. You must follow WCA regulations as much as is feasible, you may, however use accurate timing applications such as CStimer if you do not have a stackmat.

4. Winners will be determined on a points based system; in each event, 1st place gets a number of points equal to the total number of participants in that event and each subsequent place gets one point less. whoever gets the most points in total wins.

5. Prizes will be as follows:

1st place: £15 giftcard

2nd place: £10 giftcard

3rd place: £5 giftcard

Extra prize to random participant: £10 giftcard

6. If you have podiummed in an event, you must provide video evidence of your average, with no cuts, from you opening the form to submitting your results. This is not necessary in events such as 4BLD, 5BLD, MBLD and FMC.